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Our solutions

Enhancing Private Aviation each day.

A one-stop shop for all things private aviation. Whether you're a consumer, professional, or a business in the private aviation industry, we have a solution for you. 

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Private Jet Consumers

Private Jet Charter Booking:

Book a private jet with confidence! Our vendors meet or exceed the highest safety and standards in aviation, but don’t just take our word for it - the proof is in the ratings! Search the ratings and book direct or let us handle your flight from takeoff to touchdown!

When you book with us, we'll also take care of:

  • Airport transportation

  • Hotel accommodations

  • Catering

  • …and more!

Private Jet Consulting
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Private Aviation Professionals

Rate your employer or provide feedback on another business!
Join us to access the most comprehensive online private aviation community:

The Five Star Forums! 


The Five Star Forums are your source to connect and collaborate with fellow private aviation professionals!


Looking for a job? Need to hire someone for your team? Search for or post a job and get vital insight for your next career move!


Tap into the knowledge, skills and experience of members spanning all backgrounds in the industry!

Industry improvement

Rate your company or companies you’ve worked with to provide valuable data in the interest of improving the safety and quality of our industry!

Aviation Businesses

Safety & Improvement:

Gain access to our data and tap into valuable industry metrics to help improve your organization on both the employee and consumer-facing levels! 

Aviation Business Consulting

Need more help? With years of experience on our side, we can help you turn our data into meaningful results!


Our business services include:

  • Operations Manual & Technical Writing

  • Safety Management System Implementation

  • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Integration 

  • *Coming Soon* PJG Rating Safety Audits

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